Topamax Use and Birth Defects

in Pregnancy


Way back 1996, Topamax’s mechanism of actions has already been established. Topamax is antiepileptic in nature. It also has restrictions on the kind of conditions where it can only be used. These medical conditions are monotherapy epilepsy for people at least ten years old, adjunctive therapy epilepsy for those aged 2-16, adjunctive therapy for people 2 years and older affected by Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, and migraine headaches in adults.

The importance and the danger of this medicine can already be seen on the four medical conditions stated above. Here, epilepsy is quite the word that would mostly interest because we all know how dangerous the condition is. And what’s common about epilepsy is the seizures. Anytime and anywhere, seizures can happen. So, medications like Topamax are really very helpful.

When taking medications, one has always to be cautious about its side effects. However, manufacturers are always knowledgeable about these side effects. These side effects are most of the time in the packaging level of the medical product that serves as a warning to its users. As for the makers of Topamax, their laboratory examinations have found out that using the medicine can involve birth defects among pregnant lab animals. Naturally, this would have been a sign that it might affect babies of pregnant women. Sadly, no actions were done about this issue.

We are all aware of the fact that there is caution involve when pregnant women take in any kind of medicine. A drug should be properly scrutinized before it can be taken in by a pregnant woman. And a lot of pregnant women who have been suffering epilepsy have been taking Topamax. There is actually nothing wrong with taking in this product because a pregnant woman with epilepsy who might experience serious can be a life threatening situations for her and the baby. Now, a lot of pregnant women who have used Topamax have birth defects with their babies having a cleft palate condition. Since these women did not know anything about the medicine’s potential side effects, there might be legal considerations that must be taken upon here.

Dealing with birth defects is not easy. Sufferings involving time, money, and personal effort have to be given by families affected. Moreover, a child will have a hard time while growing up. As the Food and Drug Administration has already mandated the manufacturer to put a warning on the product’s label, it is safe to say that people who have suffered from using the product because a warning was not present might have a right to file for a Topamax lawsuit. In order to know more about the legal considerations in filing for this kind of lawsuit, call a lawyer today. Topamax lawyers doesn’t charge a fee for consultation.


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Epilepsy drug, Topamax, receives scrutiny after studies show it causes serious side effects among pregnant women and their newborns. Read more updates and news here.

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Topamax Use and Birth Defects

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This article was published on 2011/06/22