Dental care essentials

in Pregnancy

Pregnant women's oral health not only their own, more direct impact on infant growth and development. The study found that mild periodontal disease may increase fetal growth restriction and low birth weight risk, when pregnant women suffering from moderate to severe periodontal disease, the impact is more significant. Suffering from periodontal disease in pregnant women, the risk of fetal growth retardation without periodontal disease in pregnant women is about 2 times. If pregnant women in pregnancy with severe periodontal disease when they start or worsen gum disease during pregnancy, can increase the risk of fetal growth retardation 6 to 10 times.

As pregnant women are very short oral treatment of rhythm, and thus to a regular hospital before pregnancy should conduct a comprehensive oral examination and health care treatment to restore oral health. Include: treatment of dental caries and periodontal disease, a thorough scaling (scaling), tooth removal can not be reserved and unreserved value of residual root and crown as well as recurrent impacted teeth, removal of Denture Instructions non-performing prosthesis (dentures) and re-repair, repair missing teeth, etc. Also, note whether they have bleeding gums, swollen gums and other periodontal disease characteristics.

Pregnant women have dental treatment is the key to timely

For baby's dental health, expectant mothers during pregnancy also need to pay attention to oral hygiene. Because pregnant women, the Ministry of local inflammation of the gums resulting bacteria can enter the mother's blood circulation, led directly to the infected and affected fetal development, but also lead to increased cytokine and systemic antibody response. This reaction directly affects the formation of the embryo fetal tooth, so that enamel hypoplasia, resulting in damage to the baby in the future appearance of the teeth.

If mothers have found that oral disease, the importance of timely treatment. Pregnancy gingivitis is also necessary to focus on prevention and treatment, and regular inspections. Inspections can accept oral health education and pregnancy prenatal education to pregnant women about dental and oral health development of children's basic knowledge, understanding of pregnancy and fetal growth and development of healthy relationships, develop good oral health awareness.

Notes dental care during pregnancy

Pregnant mothers during pregnancy intake of adequate nutrition, vegetables, fruits, rice, fish, meat, eggs, milk intake are to be balanced in order to supply baby teeth need calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and so on. Especially calcium (such as: milk, fish and the like), and fetal development not only helps build strong teeth, but also maintain the mother's own health. Than usual during pregnancy while also focusing on oral hygiene.

Best dentist recommended before pregnancy develop the habit of regularly checking if the teeth did not check before pregnancy, preferably in mid-pregnancy to find time for dental check-ups and scaling, in order to avoid the mouth with severe tooth decay and periodontal disease, until the occurrence of more serious symptoms (such as causing pain or physical discomfort) and then when to seek treatment, but worse for the fetus.

In fetal growth, development and calcification blocked teeth, eruption will show the color change, shape defects and deformities, such as performance, and often due to poor texture and susceptibility to dental caries. Therefore, the Dental Reviews children's teeth, dentition of growth and nutritional status of mothers during pregnancy are closely related.

1 Note added calcium, the body and the fetus to meet the need for calcium, eat more, such as shrimp, pork soup, soup bone and other calcium-rich foods.

2 eat more soy products, chicken, fish, meat, fruit and fresh vegetables, enhanced body resistance; eat cold food and snacks with high sugar content.

3 to find the best dentist before pregnancy for a comprehensive oral health examination, dental caries early to deal with; have gingivitis treatment.

4 If the risk of dental caries during pregnancy, treatment is the best time trimester, that is 4 months of pregnancy to six months.

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Dental care essentials

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